Painting Contest 2023


Painting Contest 2023

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Among the major reasons why Python is “slow”, it really boils down to 2 — Python is interpreted as opposed to compiled, ultimately leading to slower execution times; and the fact that it is dynamically typed. Take, for example, TensorFlow, a Machine Learning library available in Python. These libraries were actually written in C++ and made available in Python, sort of forming a Python implementation. The same goes for Numpy and, to an extent, even Caer.

Event Details

  • icon4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • icon03 March, 2023
  • icon12/A, NewYork Sydney City
  • icon+88018 2829 98267
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Special Guests

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    Sofia D. Flora

    UI/UX Designer

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    Jhonson Steven

    UI/UX Designer